growing table

growing table is growing - just like your child. The legs of the table, stool and bench can be set to four different heights thanks to the uncomplicated screw system. Let's go from the 2nd year of age.

growing table square

growing table is also available in square format with five holes for tools in the center of the table.

gt spaces

The peculiarity of the container gt spaces lies in the division of the furniture into three stackable volumes.

regal gt shelf

gt shelf is a simple shelf made of robust HPL coated Birch Multiplex, designed in the style of growing table.

rolling box

rolling box is a chest for toys and utensils of all kinds. The chest is specially designed for children. It is adapted in its proportions to the growing childrens bench of the growing table.

growing bed

growing bed is the perfect family member. It grows easily with your child, from baby to adolescence. Afterwards, the robust all-rounder proves itself as a sofa or guest lounger.

brick for kids

brick vor kids is a shelving system that is specially tailored to the needs of children. The construction is intentionally reduced and kept ingeniously simple, screwing is not necessary.

start up

start up is a compact game table for 2-5 year olds. The construction of the table with its clearly visible undercarriage allows easy and stable mounting of the removable table legs.

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