kids cabinet




kids cabinet
With kids cabinet pureposition introduces a compact wardrobe. Complementing growing bed, growing table and brick for kids, the award-winning design label and kids cabinet completes its successful children’s furniture series, which is based on straightforward shapes and striking color accents.

Striking front door
The simple cabinet of kids cabinet is made of untreated Birch Multiplex. There are currently five colors to choose from for the HPL-coated door: white, yellow, green, blue and red. Their geometric layout follows an even rhythm: two segments in the lower part, one in the upper part. The color pattern of the door gives the wardrobe its individual character. Select the colors with your child or customize them to the decor of the room.

Clear interior
The wardrobe bar by kids cabinet is installed at the top to save more storage space. Set two shelves to the desired height and use the bottom plate as a third shelf. With its balanced dimension of 60 x 60 x 160cm, kids cabinet makes it easy even for the youngest to get to the subjects themselves and to help with the placement.

Stable construction
The back wall of kids cabinet is so heavy and solid that it makes the cabinet completely stabilized and non-tilting. It does not have to be fixed to the wall, it can be screwed on if desired. The rounded edges of the front door provide even more protection and comfort. They correspond to the soft radii with which growing table is also equipped. The door protrudes to the right (or optionally to the left) about 5 cm beyond the body and thus forms a handle that can be reached by children at any age.

Additional information

door colors

customer request, white – red – white, white – yellow – green, yellow – white – blue