growing table


growing table

Growing table is growing – just like your child.
The legs of the table, stool and bench can be set to four different thanks to the uncomplicated screw system
Adjust heights. Let’s go from the 2nd year of age. Practical are the tools: the mobile holders for pens, reels and books are simply inserted into the holes on the edge of the table. This makes growing table the perfect play and work place.

For soloists and team players
How good that there’s room for two on the bench when friends come to visit or the little brother comes by. Growing table can be completely dismantled and stored in the original packaging to save space if another offspring should announce itself. Since growing table is TÜV-tested, it also offers optimum safety.

Variable design
As you grow older, your child’s needs change. Is more storage space needed for books? Customize the tools according to your child’s wishes. Whether pen box or bookerboard, each item is sold separately.

Puristic design
What do rustic rustic furniture have to do with growing table? Growing table is just as robust and durable, its design language just as simple. The details, however, are new and contemporary. Voluminous, slightly diagonal legs hold the 25 mm thick plates
from table, stool and bench. This makes growing table incredibly stable and gives it its typical, sympathetic appearance.

Growing in four stages
Three parts, four steps: this is the basis for the easy and flexible height adjustment of growing table legs. For the youngest growing table at height 1 comes out with one of the three leg elements. From height 2, one element is added at a time, until at height 4 the maximum working height of 72 cm is reached.

Easy to organize
With the tools of growing table keeps your child’s overview. The handy boxes take pens and notes on, books get on the board or are set to read on the book display. Your child determines how the elements should be arranged within the row of holes. Plenty of room for creativity opens the scroll that spans across the table. So playing and working on the growing table always remains exciting.

Two strong sets
The table and bench are made of a solid, 24mm thick birch plywood and coated abrasion resistant white. The legs are made of native, natural beech solid wood.

Growing table is produced in the IWL workshops for people with disabilities.
You receive growing table individually or as a complete set.

Additional information

material - color

beech, blue, green, red, white, yellow

table dimension


leg dimensions

with height-adjustable legs for seat heights from 42-52-62-72cm


80 cm x 42 cm
mit höhenverstellbare Beine für Sitzhöhen

von 24,5 cm – 31,5 cm -37,5 cm – 44 cm, passend zum Tisch

stool dimension


design table tops

multiplex birch, HPL white coated, beech multiplex oiled.

design table leg

beech natural, untreated beech oiled

product design

beech, blue, green, red, white, yellow