growing bed



growing bed – grows and stays

growing bed is the perfect family member. It grows easily with your child, from baby to adolescence. Afterwards, the robust all-rounder proves itself as a sofa or guest lounger. With its simple and timeless design, growing bed remains
always modern, adapts to every style of living and every design wish of your child. What makes growing bed so unique as a growing bed is its incredible versatility and functionality, which becomes apparent when it matters – everyday use.

multifunctional from 0 to 18+
An exterior, three mattresses and a clever upholstery system: this is the basis of the ingeniously simple growing bed. With its sophisticated construction, this compact piece of furniture does everything your child needs when growing up: it’s a baby cot, a crawling space, a nursery
and youth bed and guest bed in one.

variable editions
What makes the growing bed so flexible is its individual upholstery. Their dimensions are so practically coordinated that grows only by repositioning and arranging the upholstery, the growing bed. So it fits in a few simple steps of each age group of your child. An invaluable comfort that gives parents more freedom and precious time.

One bed, three variants

security for the baby
On one side of the growing bed, upholstered pillows create a comfortable bed for your baby. The pads form a frame and enclose a mattress of 70 × 50 cm. In this little “nest”, the newborn feels comfortable. It is a sheltered room where the baby is safe and secure. That also calms the parents. Be close to your baby whenever you want. the growing bed is big enough and extremely comfortable.

for big kids, teens and guests
The growing bed transforms into a child and youth bed by regrouping the upholstery. For a slightly smaller mattress and a comfortable seat depth, place additional cushions behind the back cushions. Being flexible is what characterizes the growing bed.

growing bed – grows and stays.

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Additional information

bed dimensions

200 x 90 cm

Inside dimensions baby bed

mattress 70 × 50 cm.

Inside dimensions children's bed

mattress 150 × 70 cm

material mattress

PUR foam

material bed

wood / birch

wooden feet

solid beech wood


90% cotton, 10% linen

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