brick for kids


brick for kids

brick for kids is a shelving system that is specially tailored to the needs of children. The construction is intentionally reduced and kept ingeniously simple, screwing is not necessary. All elements can be grown both in height and in width. The shelf furniture is made of birch multiplex and consists of modules each with and without frame. Compact boxes serve as drawers and complete brick for kids. The surface is HPL-coated, the carcasses are in white, the frames and front of the boxes either in white, yellow, green, blue or red.

Precise fit
The modules are available in two heights (20 and 40 cm) and in a width of 80 cm. The basis is formed by modules with frames that alternate row by row with modules without frames. The frames function as a kind of guide rail to position and support the elements. This special construction gives brick for kids a secure grip. Adjustment screws in the bottom modules help to straighten the shelving system even on uneven surfaces.

Stable + tidy
Each module has a back wall, which gives brick for kids stability and a clear structure at the same time. The modular units of 20, 40 and 80 cm set a clear rhythm, which is also followed by the speakers. Their rear walls are formed higher than the front sides. If the child pulls a box forward, it is held tilt-proof. The soft wood radii also meet the high safety standards of brick for kids.

Free combine
brick for kids is based on a certain symmetry, while the elements allow straight or staggered installation. An optical variance results from the somewhat overhanging frames as well as the colors of the box fronts and frame modules. brick for kids convinces neutral in white or colorful with color accents.

The family keeps growing
brick for kids is the perfect complement to growing table and growing table square. In terms of material and design, brick for kids is perfectly matched to our growing children’s table. The colors of the tools have been chosen identically, so that the individual furniture can be expanded into a balanced, modular system.

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